Taylor Swift’s Midnights


AvaLyn Sexton, Co-Newspaper Editor

     Taylor Swift’s newest album, Midnights, was released last Friday. Hitting top charts by not even a day after it’s release, it’s safe to say that although Taylor has released music not all that long ago, her dedicated fans missed her, and did not fail to support the album from the first minute it became available. Adding to her list of pop albums, Midnights had a few shocking tracks that caught even the most invested fans by storm.

     Ever since she released her first album in 2006, Taylor Swift has grown more popular every year, now making her one of the most recognizable artists in the country. The country singer released her first pop album, Red, in 2012. She has not only had a humongous impact on the country music industry, but the pop industry as well. There is hardly anyone that can say they’ve never heard a Taylor Swift song before, as her music is constantly being played on radio stations, in stores, movies, at large events, and more. 

     Taylor’s most successful album, 1989, was her second pop album. Some have been comparing Midnights to not only 1989, but also another iconic Taylor album, Reputation. Older Taylor Swift albums display a heart-broken-small-town girl, while her pop albums began a new era. Reputation came as a shock for many fans, and some listeners hated the singer for making more bold choices for the album. Basically, Taylor has been hurt and angry in the past, but Midnights seems like an album that has given Taylor (and fans) some closure. 

     Taylor invited fans to meet her at Midnight to listen to tracks based upon sleepless nights in her life, all of them unique and some of them unexpected. In tracks such as “Anti-Hero” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” Taylor can be seen opening up about maybe being the problem, and even focusing on the wrong things throughout her life. Some of the tracks on the album remind fans of a mixture of 1989 and Reputation. One example of these tracks is the song “Paris,” which was released as a surprise bonus track at 3AM the night of release. 

     One of my personal favorite songs on the album is “Snow On the Beach” ft. Lana Del Rey. Some fans were upset about the lack of time Lana had in the track, being so little that without the song title, I probably wouldn’t have even known the backing was her. However, I think that Lana and Taylor both possess such unique voices that any more of Lana may have made the track overbearing. Taylor kept the song clean and it is beautiful because of its simplicity. 

     Midnights is everything that fans were hoping it would be, providing Taylor’s fandom with new lyrics to put together and enjoy. Shortly after the album was released, it has been announced that Taylor going on tour is confirmed. The album has been the perfect way to lead up to this exciting announcement, and Taylor undeniably put in great effort in order to guarantee the album’s success.