Gamers Raise Money For Charity

Raising $1,000,000 dollars for a charity for gamers with physical disabilities, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has gained a lot of attention. Coming out early this August it has accumulated roughly 2 million, mainly younger, players. 

Competing in rounds upon rounds of challenges, 60 players fight to win a crown in the game. Crowns are used as in-game currency. They allow players to customize their characters into unique shapes such as unicorns pineapples etc. 

The challenges are as ridiculous as they are fun. In the round called Fruit Chute, players race fellow jelly beans as they dodge giant falling fruit. In Hex-A-Gone, players must run around on platforms as it disappears underneath them, similar to famous Minecraft mini game- spleef. The rounds are fun, fast and challenging.

One of the downsides to Fall Guys is, custom usernames are disabled to prevent not-so kid friendly language. Players must use a game-issued username. Another undesirable aspect is in team rounds, winning or losing is dependent on a complete stranger’s skill set. 

Despite it having some downfalls, Fall Guys combines ridiculous, fun, and challenging aspects to create a game that many people would enjoy. It even has the potential to be, the next great party game.