Binge watching…it helps pass the time

Carsyn Lincks, reporter

With quarantine, students find themselves in an isolated and closed off environment from peers. To pass time, students continuously engage in binge watching TV shows and movies to help relieve the repeated boredom felt over the weeks at home.

Criminal Minds is what I’ve been watching because it keeps me interested, and I want to be an FBI agent,” sophomore Olivia Melton said.

Everyone needs a good laugh right about now due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the whole world. Being stuck inside without friends drives people insane, so naturally people look for shows to entertain them and make them happy. No one wants to sit around all day staring at the wall, so keep reading to see if any shows listed below seem appealing to binge…maybe in just a day.

Besides a show based on genius detectives, students find themselves invested in the classic, dry humor show called The Office. A show with nine seasons, the characters on The Office had a way with words and odd actions that leaves viewers entertained for hours. Its plot screams “binge-worthy.”

“Currently I’ve been watching The Office over quarantine. It’s a show I’ve watched through once, but it’s good to go back through it again and see things I didn’t notice at first,” sophomore Thess Holloway said.

Based on a comic book series, 2010 horror and zombie apocalypse show The Walking Dead features a group of wanders trying to survive a world-wide breakout of dead zombies, referred to as “walkers” in the show, surrounding Atlanta, Georgia. With nine seasons on Netflix and season 10 currently being streamed on AMC, this unique story-line keeps viewers on edge with its gruesome and action-packed fight scenes.

“I watched All American mainly because everyone else was watching it but it is addictive once you start,” junior Aubrey Avlos said.

An eye-catching show with four seasons, Greenhouse Academy centers around a brother and sister who attend an elite boarding school about a year after their mother died. While attending Southern California Boarding School, the siblings must conquer challenges they find after uncovering an evil plot.

“I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation because I think it’s funny and I love the characters in the show,’’ sophomore Chloe Hill said.

Flashforward to life after Troy and Gabriella (played by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens) in High School Musical, a 2019 Disney original series called High School Musical The Musical The Series features childhood aspects Gen Z experienced in their elementary years. The show takes place at the East Side High School where the original High School Musical’s were filmed. With a plot centered around a new drama teacher coming in and realizing that they had never put on the play for High School Musical, Ms. Jen shows her determination to change that. The main characters find themselves in typical teenage drama where everything starts to go downhill fast. Sadly only one season, viewers should expect more teenage entertainment to come in the next year.

Crime and chaos evolves in Neflix’s orginial documentary of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. Telling the story of a gay polygamist from Wynnewood, Oklahoma, zoo and tiger owner Joe Exotic explains his life story as a man who breed tigers, runs a business, and battles an extreme feud with a woman named Carol Baskin. Though only seven episodes long, this show really leaves viewers with a strong opinion of Joe Exotic, Carol Baskin, and others involved in their messes.

Tiger King makes quarantine way more enjoyable. There’s little to say about this show other than it’s nuts,” senior Ryan Jacobs said.

Though a weird and unusual time for everyone, this time acts as an opportunity for people to catch up on their new shows and old shows. So grab those blankets and piles of snacks and enjoy the next month of sitting on the couch.