To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Review

Carsyn Lincks

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You came out on Netflix on February 12, 2020. Being that it’s a Netflix original you can only see this movie if you have Netflix. With this movie being the sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, the movie continues the story of Lara Jean and her life after her little sister Kitty (played by Anna Cathcart) sent out the letter. The time frame is a few days after Peter and Lara finally and officially got together and their romance is brand new and Lara Jean is still trying to figure out how to work a relationship.

Lara Jean (played by Lana Condor) has officially gotten her first boyfriend. Everything now has been changing and she doesn’t know how to handle it. Lara Jean is a fun loving girl who is trying to make sense of everything new with her life. She soon finds out how she feels she needs to be treated by a boy or anyone for that matter. Running into an old friend brings up some old memories that she has but does that mean she is second guessing her choice of a boyfriend? 

Peter (played by Noah Centineo) the most popular boy in school had a change of heart. He’s now dating Lara Jean and life’s going great for him, or it was. He has everything he could ever want but now this new boy in town and could everything change for him? 

John Ambrose (played by Jordan Fisher),the new boy in town, the last letter. He has a kind heart and cares for his friends and just an overall nice guy. After all these years he still loves Lara Jean just as much as he did when he was in 6 grade and maybe now this is his chance to be with her after all these years. 

This movie has a heart felt and loveable feeling to it that truly brings in the high school aspect to a movie. 8 out of 10 would totally recommend watching this movie alone or with your friends. It’s a great movie to watch on a saturday night when you’re home alone and are just looking for a comedy but romantic movie. 

Seeing how the movie ended there can very well be a third movie to come to this series. With that being said be ready for the next movie and enjoy what you already have with the great movie that it is.