Jumani: The Next Level Review


Jumanji the Next Level was released on December 4, 2019. Being the sequel to the remake of the Jumanji movie that came out in 2017, the plot has a lot of similarities to the first movie. It continues the story of four friends who in their senior year of high school got stuck in a video  game and had to figure a way out, now they are all in college and beginning their own lives. Starting their new journey over Christmas break, they all headed back to their hometown of Brantford, New Hampshire and were planning to get together but something went very wrong. 

  Spencer (played by Alex Wolf) has been feeling lost in the world ever since he went off to New York for college. He strives to see what is different about him now than before.Being home has made him think about high school and how his friends and himself have changed and grown apart. 

Martha (played by Morgan Turner) finds herself feeling the same way. She doesn’t understand what had happened to her friendship with Spencer. College life for her was better than she could ever imagine. No one knows her, she could be anyone she ever wanted to be.

Bethany(played by Madison Iseman) has changed a lot since her senior year of High School. She travels the world instead of being a little miss popular. She’s funny and a kind hearted person who would do anything for her friends no matter the cost.

Anthony(played by Ser’Darius) is the jock who never did great in school but with the help of his new friends figured out that he could succeed. He has an outgoing personality but is not afraid to speak his mind.

Spencer decides that he wants to go back into the video and become Dr. Bravestone (played by Dwayne Johnson) once again because he doesn’t feel as though he is not the same person as he was before and to him that is the only way to find out who he truly is. Once his friends Bethany,Anthony,and Marthafigured out what happened they went in after him, but not the way they wanted. Throughout the movie the team faces new challenges within the friend group and their own self.  Over all this movie was funny, heartfelt, and emotional. It’s a movie I don’t regret seeing and will definitely watch again.