Students React to New Advisory Periods

Dania Matamoros, Reporter

For this school year, principal Lisa Miller added an advisory period to help out classmates with school and the stress that comes with it. On Fridays, students meet up with the same group of students, who are in the same grade. With the exception of pep rallies or a class meetings, students meet up in the same place every Friday and watch the announcements. 

All of our classes get shortened by 5 minutes, which many students don’t enjoy. It may not seem like a lot of time, but when it all adds up, we lose 40 minutes of class time.        

“The new advisory period did sound like a great plan, but when you get to experience it, you find it to be not so amusing” sophomore Sang Truong said. Many others agreed with her, and said it was nothing like the principle described it to be. Another common complaint is that students say it’s confusing to remember when a class was going to end on Friday due to the shortened schedule. Some students say that they thought the program was about getting to know each other, however, all the other students do is get on their phones.

 Although the general agreement on advisory is negative,there are still many students who are in favor of the new “8th Hour”.

 “I like the new advisory period because it allows me to take some time off on my favorite day, and relax with my friends, even if I have a test or something the next period” junior Destiny Gandy said.