Seniors Embrace Creativity with Personalized Parking Spaces

Shiloh Albertson, Reporter

Southside Seniors had the option to paint their reserved parking spots on Aug. 31, Sept. 7, and Sept. 8. In order to paint, seniors had to pay a $20 fee and have the design approved. All payments went towards funding for class of 2020’s prom.

“I helped a friend. I mostly helped paint a Starbucks coffee cup. I helped fill in the cup and measure the lines,” senior Logan Tidwell said.

English teacher Oretha Ferguson sponsors Senior Council. She supervises the “Paint the Parking Lot” project, collects the money, and approves the ideas.

 “Basically, seniors pick up a form from me, create and submit a design for approval, choose one of the approved paint dates, purchase the supplies, and show up to paint and have fun. Both weekends were grueling hot with temperatures in the mid to upper 90’s with an even higher heat index. Seniors never cease to amaze me. Their designs are creative, unique, and reflective of the many personalities that make up the class of 2020,” Ferguson said.