Majorettes Host Annual Clinic


Gabrielle Sullivan, Reporter

Walking beside their mentors, the young majorettes made their way onto the field to deliver a performance. On the week of Oct. 7 from 3:30-5:30 pm, 35 girls of varying ages proceeded to be a part in the school’s annual Majorette Clinic.

   “We do it for three days, but this year, we did it for two days,” junior Southside majorette, Gabby Solomon, said, “…and we would go over fundamentals first. And then we would teach them part of the routine and work on that. And then the second day we would go out to the field so they could see their spots and then show up Friday and we perform.”

    This event presents an opportunity for girls with a majorette future to learn and practice with the ¨big kids¨. For two days, these young majorettes prepared a routine to present at that Friday night’s football game to fans. This is a time for influential girls to learn about the art of twirling, and even concepts much deeper.

   “They can obviously learn how to twirl,” Gabby Solomon said. “And then they can also learn, like, how to do teamwork and help each other out with like learning new stuff…And it basically helps them, like, learn how to bond with others and just like be helpful to everybody around them.”