Joe’s Pizza and Pasta

Ryan Donaghue, reporter

When looking for great Italian food in Fort Smith, AR, there are no restaurants that can compete with Joe’s Pizza and Pastas. It may not look like much from the outside but when stepping in, an immediate change of the mood is seen. From the artwork on the walls to even the way the restaurant is set up, the atmosphere is designed to look friendly with a touch of classiness.

The restaurant has out on every table a complimentary bread baskets which is served with a spice oil to dip it in. Waiters and waitresses always make sure that your drink and the bread basket are full. The restaurant serves a wide variety of Italian dishes ranging from pastas, pizzas, steaks, seafood, and even sandwiches.

Although the restaurant has great food, it does have a slight down side which happens to be the pricing of some of the menu items. For example, a medium 14” specialty pizza can cost upto $13.95 at Joe’s. Domino’s Pizza on the other hand has a deal of two medium specialty pizzas for $7.99 each. But for being a fine Italian restaurant, the price is worth it. So when looking for good Italian food in Fort Smith, Arkansas, look no further than Joe’s Pizza and Pasta.