Southside Mavericks v. Rogers Herritage

Elijah Owens, Reporter

The next football game for the Southside Mavericks commences tonight at our stadium.

“The football game is September 20 at 7:00 p.m. on this Friday night,” Coach Tadd Stewart said. The upcoming football game for this week kicks off Home at the Jim Rowland Stadium.

Both Rogers Heritage and Southside Mavericks lost two games for the overall football season thus far, the latter composes of a relatively young team in the trial and error process of learning and experiencing how to implement the winning strategy.

“Better execution comes from practice and repetition. Winning comes with confidence,” Coach Tadd Stewart said. “Short term is to cut down on mental mistakes, while long term is to increasing the winning percentage.”

The team plans to execute both short and long term goals when in competition with other teams and school districts on game night by applying better execution skills and fostering an efficient work ethic via repetition.

“Despite there being injured players, we should have a good game. Other teams took advantage of our mistakes and the team’s performance will get better as the year goes along,” Coach Devonte Britt said.