Restaurant in Florida Serves Up Summer Warmth

Sierra Nutt, reporter

Every city, town and state around the world happens to be known for specific ideals. The best food in Key West Florida must be served at the Blue Heaven. Known for the Floridian-Caribbean cuisine and key lime pie. The bohemian style layout and overall comfortable setup gives all guests a welcoming sinsation. 

Blue Heaven, specifically located in Key West, showcases the Key West vibe throughout the establishment. Canopies, are and displays of fruit and plants. The inviting view and scenery is not the only thing that makes it the best. 

The people are also a big part of the Blue Heaven. Walking in guests remain welcomed by employees with smiles and kind faces. The employees treat every quest with great character and make them feel more like friends than just a customer. 

As well as the look and customer service, the outstanding food, with its freshness and proportions that are expected compared to the price of the food. The Blue Heaven also has many options so that everyone is able to eat. From gluten free to vegetarian options.

Similar restaurants exist in the Key West Area, like Santiago’s Bodega which has tasteful food but the establishment is too small, hot, and too overpriced for the amount of food served. However, Blue Heaven serves mainly carribean food as others have different varieties of food so the comparison between the two restaurants will be biased.

Blue Heaven located in Key West Florida serves the best food, ten out of ten recommended if visiting the area. Guaranteed to have a fun and memorable experience.