Take Note

Amanda Luper , Reporter

Teens stress level tends to increase as the semester ends. According to counselor Savannah Smith stress may help or hinder performance during exam time. The best ways of handling it is organization, knowledge, and staying calm.

Be Organized. Cleaning up a messy work space provides a neat space for studying. Keeping items straightened and in order prevents a chaotic mess of searching for lost papers. Having a clear mind during finals helps decrease stress and can help improve scores.

Be Knowledgeable. Knowing the material comes as a basic factor for assessments. Students should ask for help if they don’t understand a topic. Asking questions maintains a balance between what is known and what is needed to know. Study classes are available throughout the school.

Be Calm. In this trying situation it is best to stay calm. Freaking out causes more stress and decreases attention. Social Media causes more anxiety. Keeping away from your phone before and during tests improves calmness. Staying calm in stressful situations is possible, if the right marks are used. Ways to stay calm is breathing slowly, practicing patience, and losing up.

Take note… exam stress can cause a lot of emotions. Stress levels indicate how well teens perform during tests. Using organization, getting the right knowledge, and staying calm create great ways to overcome end of the semester stress.