Class Trip Enriches Learning

Amberly Tran , Broadcast & Online Editor

In order to prepare for the exam, AP Seminar students attended a trip to Crystal Bridges on Dec. 6.

The exam features an art interpretation element, and the trip’s exhibits offer students the opportunity to apply art interpretation skills.

“My goal for the trip is for students to come out with a better understanding of the argumentation value of art. That sometimes, yes, art is an expression of our feelings, but it can also be used to make arguments for and against numerous issues. And since argumentation is a major aspect of AP Seminar, that is how we are going to be analyzing the art that we see at Crystal Bridges,” AP English teacher Laura Keener said.

Students started the day with a guided tour accompanied by the museum’s education-oriented curators to examine works. The tour followed by a visit to the Bachman-Wilson House which relocated from the northeast to Fayetteville. Finally, seminar students toured museum individually.

“Before our trip at Crystal Bridges I wasn’t sure how to really understand art. I just saw what was on the canvas. But afterwards, I learned how to analyze art and find its hidden message,” sophomore Alex Rahal said.

Students could tour the new Native American exhibit as well.