Architect Returns To Campus

Allison Brannan, Print Co-Editor

Class of 1999 graduate John Langham works alongside other architects to improve four Fort Smith Public School elementary schools.

Majoring in architecture, Langham graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2004 and is now working with WER Architects/ Planners who specializes on educational buildings.

“ [The district] put out a request for qualification so [my firm] put a booklet together that showed how we were qualified. The district reviewed all of the responses and essentially awarded the projects based on the projects,” Langham said.

First of many, architects walked through project grounds on Dec. 4. to start the process of designing the plans for the millage improvements.

“We start by listening, in this case they are existing buildings and so we document what is already there, we will listen to the needs of the principal and Travis Biggs. We assess not only the building, but also what the programmatic needs of the staff and the school,”Langham said.

Along with improving his home school district, Langham helped with the new construction on the school of agriculture at the University of Arkansas.

“I would tell current students to pursue their dreams and to just shoot for the stars. Your life is just beginning,” Langham said.