Annual Dinner Raises Funds


Allison Brannan, Print Editor

Choir hosted the 35th annual Madrigal Dinner Dec. 6-8 at the First Presbyterian Church. The dinner and show raises money for the department.

Tickets sold a month in advance and exceeded the expected amount. During the show, students dressed as beggars sold pumpkin bread for six dollars. All funds raised go towards fees and other expenses the group encounters such as dry cleaning for uniforms and clinic fees.

Based in the Medieval time period, members of the choir dressed in historic costumes, adding to the ambience.

“Getting to wear Medieval costumes for Madrigal Dinners is so cool. I love getting to become a member of the Royal Court and really get in the spirit. Even with the heavy dresses, wearing them is an overall really fun experience,” senior Perri Efford said.

Student participants play various roles. Sophomores perform as beggers who sell bread, while upperclassmen are members of the Royal Court.

Once the dinner concludes, the choir serenades guests with traditional Chrismas music.

“The dinner is the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit. It is an amazing way to grow closer as a choir and a great reward for all the hard work that we’ve done,” junior Mercy Trahan said.

Painting the backdrops offered students the oppurtunity to work on the sets placed around the building.

“Redesigning the wall was a far bigger challenge than I had anticipated, but I had a lot of fun doing all the work with the painting and sketching. I hope that these new walls will last for many more dinners to come,” senior Lauren Haydon said.