Starter Makes Impression

Allison Brannan, Print Co-Editor

As seniors sign with colleges, sophomore volleyball player Hannah Hogue also caught the eye of college scouts. With one season of varsity high school volleyball under her belt, number six makes strides toward her future.

Playing since the age of ten, Hogue adds to her skill set by playing on school teams and outside leagues.

First season at Southside made well for Hogue as she hit 105 spikes and 185 kills which elicited fans to create chants specifically for her.

In the past, Hogue played for the Fort Smith Juniors league; however, she made the switch to the Northwest Arkansas Juniors league this year.

“Personally, for me the mind-set has stayed the same, which is going into every practice trying to get a little bit better. I think where ever you play, your best will be expected everyday,” Hogue said.

Playing in competitive club teams and attending summer camps helped the University of Arkansas notice Hogue.

“I went to their camps so they got to see me in live action at top tier tournaments and then also got to work with me one on one at these camps. This really helped because they got to know me. So, now I think it’s a really good fit,” Hogue said.

While Hogue still has two years left, college becomes no worry for her and her family.

Entering her freshman year at Ramsey Junior High, Hogue recieved an offer a full ride scholarship to play at the university by head coach Jason Watson.

“I was shocked and couldn’t really believe I got the offer. It took me a few days to really soak it in,” Hogue said.

Playing in the 6A conference allows Hogue to face highly skilled competitors, much like the college level competitors. This conference continues to help the growth in her skills.

“I believe if I keep getting better and stronger, that will be the best preparation for the transition from a high school volleyball to a college team,” Hogue said.