Take Note

Amanda Luper , Reporter

Earlier this week voters selected candidates and initiatives in the midterm election. Citizens should stay aware of political news and follow up on elected officials’ performances even when it is not an election year.

Be active. On the website Arkansas.gov, individuals can find information on the elected officials. Get to know national and state legislators and local political figures such as school board members by checking on their certified websites. Joining campaigns can help increase political activism and motivate people to make a difference.

Know the ballot. Before voting, view the sample ballots online to check out issues and amendments. Sample ballots can be found at Ballotpedia.com. Voters can simply ask the day of the election for a poll worker to provide a sample. It is a citizens responsibility to research the issues on the ballot before election day.

Register to Vote. Every state requires registration. A person can register to vote by printing a voting form from www.eac.gov, filling it out and mailing it the local election office. In person registry is also available at the local election office. Check registration deadlines during the year an individual available to vote.

Take Note…voting comes with responsibilities to uphold. Making informed decisions sits at the top of the list to insure a strong democracy. Be active always, know the ballot, and register to vote.