Spirit Reborn

Allison Brannan, Print Co-Editor

Resolving the first question, ”can we keep our spirit flowing all year?” Indeed we can. Conquering fear of missing out, also known as FOMO answers the question for us.

With the absence of sporting events to attend, students find themselves with out an outlet to fulfill their FOMO. So during the shift from football Friday night lights to the gym bleachers for basketball games, students should still involve themselves in practicing school spirit. Why do we need a game to show spirit?

Signs around the halls will not hang themselves. These signs not only aid the class competitions, but also add a visual appeal to the hallways. The signs encourage students to support the Mavs not just during football season, but during all seasons.

Wear school colors or better yet wear Southside gear. Every year the Senior Council produces school shirts to promote school spirit.

Word of warning, when the basketball season starts up and Principal Miller makes a promise for those who attend, do not let that spirit die. With the volleyball games, attendance dipped after the excitement died down. It is important for the student body to conquer FOMO and attend the games.

Students want a challenge? Attend the games, make the signs, wear the colors. “Stand up and let them know we’re here. Mavericks, Mavericks. Go, Go, Go.“