Sister School Returns for Visit

Allison Brannan, Print Co-Editor

Arriving to Fort Smith on Oct. 8, German students from sister school in Hanover, Germany met their host families for the first time.

“I felt excited because [my German student and I] met in Germany and we asked Mr. Parker to let me host my exchange student it was a great experience to get to see my friend again, ” senior Patrick Jones said.

Students enrolled in classes to get the full experience of the American Education system. Some even took on the challenge of taking Advanced Placement courses.

“I enjoyed the football game, seeing all the students cheering for their team and everybody being involved in this, either on the field or in the audience, this is what school spirit should look like,” German student Marta Theresisa said.

New adventures followed the Germans as they traveled to the Crystal Bridges Art Museum and to Devil’s Den.

Many of the students are fluent in three or more languages and spent a cultural day in French classes.

“The French class was so easy to talk to and the food was really good and I enjoyed meeting everyone,” Theresia said.

The Hanover students departed on Oct. 25 leaving lasting friendships with their host families.