Election Reflection

informed decisions responsibility of voters

Amberly Tran, Broadcast & Online Editor

Citizens should remain informed even during the most politically barren times of the year. From local elections, to a Board of Directors decision, students may benefit from paying attention to their surroundings.

Sources with credibility and an exploration of opinion pieces on both sides of an issue play into the broader benefit to an informed and opinionated voter base. Mainstream media outlets such as ABC, NBC, or CBS may provide quick and easy to understand information, but local news networks relate national issues to local happenings. For a more detailed understanding, visit websites that provide credible and comprehensive information, of which may end in “.gov” or “.org.”

Even simple email subscriptions from online news sites provide credible information.
Once educated on a topic, opinions should be formed not purely on the basis of political party or the beliefs of one’s peers. Setting aside all prior judgement and practicing an exploration of all sides of an argument provides a more in depth understanding of topics that affect the community.

Becoming well-versed in politics and its issues involves not just the ability to argue an opinion, but to understand and recognize the perspective of opposing opinions through engaged listening.

Young voters must become more responsible and informed. Keep up with issues consistently, not just during an election year.