Board Introduces Merit Program

Elyse Cano, Print Co-Editor

In October the school district announced a new academic initiative, the Superintendent Scholars Program.

The program aims to help increase the number of students who qualify for National Merit Semifinalist. Focusing on the class of 2021 the program will select sophomore students based on their results of the October PSAT.

“I think this [program] is great because we are an ACT state so we don’t really put as much emphasis on the PSAT and SAT. But, with National Merit there are so many scholarships attached to that. The more we can do to help get scholarship money for our kids and help them be successful for college, the better off we are,” principal Lisa Miller said.

In December the district will announce the top 70 students from either Northside or Southside who will participate in the program. Scholars will receive a reception in the spring along with a free shirt and will meet with members of the school board.

Those selected will also receive a four day boot camp in June designed to break down individual aspects of the test. Along with the camp, scholars will also be provided a six week training session during first semester to go over test taking strategies.

“I think it is giving kids more opportunity than people who didn’t get a high enough score sophomore year. But, I think it will be really helpful for the 70 kids who do get to participate,” sophomore Jack Minnick said.

Current juniors who take the PSAT find out during senior year in September if they received National Merit Semifinalist. status.