Back in the Big Apple

Sarah Long, Reporter

Eleven senior Southern Belles take on New York’s frigid temperatures Nov.22 to dance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Belles dance with the Spirit of America group and perform to “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.”

“Going to New York is an experience on its own but being able to dance in the parade is an experience of a lifetime. I love that the girls get to experience a new city together, endure long, cold rehearsals and see all the fun things New York City has to offer, all while bonding and doing something they love to do, dance,” coach Emily Pressley said.

Practices for the performance take place during Belles’ class period. They received the dance a few weeks ago and learn the dance from video. The Belles also attend dance rehearsal in New York City, some lasting six hours.

“I’ve wanted to be a Belle since I was little and have watched all the Belles ahead of me go, and I’ve seen how much fun they have had,” senior Erica Carman said.

While in New York, the Belle’s plans include seeing the Broadway show Aladdin, touring the Statue of Liberty, experiencing Times Square, and watching the “Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular” show.