Star Film Hits Box Office

Star Film Hits Box Office

Sarah Long, Reporter

British rock band Queen returns to the spotlight with Bohemian Rhapsody’s arrival in theatres on Nov. 2. The film’s story starts with the band’s formation and leads all the way to the lead singer Freddie Mercury’s death.

Egyptian actor Rami Malek plays main character Freddie Mercury to perfection. Malik authentically encompasses all parts of Mercury’s personality, from his flamboyant stage presence
to his harsh battle with aids. Malek’s previous acting experience includes roles such as Ahkmenrah in Night at the Museum and Benjamin in Breaking Dawn- Part 2.

Film critics speculate that Malek will likely be Oscar nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of Mercury. Other notable actors in the film include Lucy Boynton as Mary Austin,
Gwilym Lee as Brian May Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor, Joseph Mazello as John Deacon, and Allen Leech as Paul Prenter.

Themes such as inclusivity, acceptance, and forgiveness are stressed due to Mercury’s unorthodox persona and disagreeable personality in relation to his band. The film tells the singer’s story through the good and the bad, and the film authentically paints Mercury as a vivacious performer with many flaws. Mercury’s realization of being homosexual plays a central role, and his global acceptance and backlash over his sexuality is still relevant today. Lasting 2
hours and 13 minutes, the film thoroughly explains Mercury’s unique presence that impacted global audiences.