W3: Spirit Reborn


Allison Brannan, Co-Editor


Decade old rivalry game takes place tonight and “We’re going on a bear hunt.” Spirit needs to come full force with the biggest turnout of the season. But, most importantly, this hunt needs to end with a win. Three steps allow for a successful pursuit.                                                                  Step one: Wear appropriate gear. Dressing to the theme provides school unity and spirit. When hunting bears, blending into nature provides higher success rates. Tonight, dress in camo and shades of green to boost pride.
Step two: Learn to listen. Be aware of the plays that are called on the field. Pay attention to know when a player is hurt. School spirit is derived from good sportsmanship. The school, known for kindness, falters slightly when it comes to good sportsmanship recently. The school needs the ‘kind’ image back for tonight’s game.
Step three: Pick the right spot. This year the game plays at Northside’s stadium, just because it is not at home does not mean to not show up. The student section is the best place to support the Mavs. Participating in the student section also allows for usage of the confetti filled “Mav sticks,” and loud chanting.
Rivalry games hold the upmost importance to the senior class who’s last chance to win comes tonight. The two main goals of the night’s game is to win the battle of Rogers Avenue and bring the trophy back home where it belongs.