Teacher Enthusiastic With School Pride

Allison Brannan, Co-Editor

Loud music and shouts of “Game Day” became the image of French teacher Sheila Goodfellow with over the top posters on doors and illuminating school spirit.
“I think that’s just who I am and I support what I do. I have always been involved, from wearing a cheer uniform for Southside to having my son here and being a teacher, I have just always been involved with festivities and other fun events that Southside held,” Goodfellow said.
Loyalty to the school began when Goodfellow first moved to Arkansas and transferred to campus as a sophomore. Goodfellow had an immense love for the school. Attending school events creates a sense of pride for Goodfellow.
“I also support my students, I see how much work they put in like the band, Belles, cheerleaders, and the players. I know what the players are going through, I’ve seen it because of my son being a football player here. I respect what they do and support them,” Goodfellow said.
After becoming a teacher, Goodfellow participated in the student council sponsored events. She created 3D decorations for students to walk through in the halls, as well as participating in the homecoming parades, held in the parking lot.
“Over the decades Student Council would sponsor door, hall, and floor decorating contests on all the home games (especially homecoming). We would have parades outside and I participated in everything for decades,” Goodfellow said.
After years lack of school spirit creates lowered stamina and a less enthusiastic sports team. Goodfellow, a naturally competitive person believes class competitions create a burst of pride within the school.
“[The revival of the spirit stick] is good for us. We need it. It brings us together and makes us a common family,” Goodfellow said.