Sophomore Excells At Meets

Kyle Clark , reporter

Cross country runner Jacki Martini earned three first place finishes in September.

“Running at Southside has made me push myself more than I ever thought of and has given me a wide range of competition,” Martini said.

Martini began running in Owasso Oklahoma, then transferred in the eighth grade.

“My teammates help me push myself and succeed and I also try my best to push my fellow teammates because I want them to succeed too,” Martini said.

Personal workouts give Martini an advantage.

“I tend to focus on my lower body strength more than my upper body because the lower body is more important for my running,” Martini said.

Martini listens to advice from her senior runners, looking for a way to get better and improve.

“I think Coach Kareus’ advice really helps during the meets, because I feel more comfortable when I am running,” Martini said.