Shorts Need Length


Allison Brannan, Print Co-Editor

With a sea of khaki shorts flooding the halls this school year, boys jump at the chance to show off their knees and hairy legs. While girls find it more difficult to follow the dress code.

Clothing companies produce shorts with an inseam of two or three inches. To meet the dress code requirement of mid thigh length, the average height girl must wear shorts with an inseam of five to six inches.

Among the favorite vendors such as Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, and even Walmart prove unsatisfactory with shorts deemed inappropriate by dress code regulations.

Differing heights cause issues. Two girls try on the same pair of shorts, but because of their heights the shorts fit differently. This causes taller girls hassle when shopping for school clothes.

Height also brings in an issue, that while some girls may pass the dress code check, others face punishment for their height. Clothing companies appeal to girls with the short shorts thanks to celebrities. These vendors need to listen to the actual needs of girls, not what looks good in the media.

While girls want longer shorts, there needs to be a middle ground between the the shorts currently offered and Bermuda shorts.
Retailers need to lengthen their products, providing school appropriate shorts to girls in high schools with these dress code regulations.