Colleges Scout Senior Quarterback Standout

Elyse Cano, Print Co-Editor

Quarterback Taye Gatewood continues to grow within his athletic career, from receiving the Bill Breedlove Award to
earning Arkansas state Player of the Week.
As football season continues in full swing, Gatewood made four touchdowns and accumulated 196.3 passing yards within the first three games. Over the course of the past three years Gatewood made 32 passing touchdowns and 3362 total passing yards.
With the stats in Gatewood’s career, he continues to look at colleges to see what different opportunities the school offers. Gatewood states he hopes to major in sports marketing or sports media. Among his other college choices: Arkansas State, Louisiana Tech, Texas State, and University of Central Arkansas.
“I’m proud of him he’s played with us for three years,” coach Justin Key said.
National Collegiate Athletic Association recruitment for athletes can begin Sept. 1 of the athletes junior year.
Colleges take note of Gatewood’s accomplishments from Arkansas State to Delta State , over ten universities have sent recruitment opportunities to Gatewood.
“It feels awesome[to be recruited by different schools]. Just knowing how hard I have worked and all the time I have put in before practice and after and on off days and it’s paying off,” Gatewood said.
At press time Gatewood has not made a final collegiate decision He will announce before football signing day in the spring.
“What I’m looking for in colleges is a place I can call my second home and feel the most comfortable at when I make my decision,” Gatewood said.