Inspire Club

Paige Vichitrongsa , reporter


Knowing the importance of inspiration, former student Shelby Ralston formed the “Inspire Club.” The club focuses on inspiring students in club participation and leadership.

“The main purpose is to allow student mentors to feel the need to help others in preparation and especially the students transitioning to middle school,” said club sponsor Tracy Person.

Requirements for club membership include a 3.0 grade point average and outstanding attendance. Student leadership for Inspire Club includes President Tanner Huggins and Vice President Erika Carmen.   

“Erika and I communicate between the elementary schools on when we are coming to help mentor and I also provide ice breakers to break the tension and make everything more comfortable between the people,” Huggins said.

With limited club membership, Person aims to keep it to a minimum of twenty students. Members commute to two different locations: Cook and Farview Elementary.