Future Medical Professionals of America

Elijah Owens , reporter

   FMPA sponsors, Tamara Bardin and Krystal Posey, planned a meeting for members in the cafeteria, on Wednesday, Oct. 17, so members can learn about the medical field and elected officers.

   “This Wednesday we have a meeting, as well as every third Wednesday of the month,” Bardin said.

   Special guest speakers tell students about how they aspired to be successful in the challenging and broad medical field. The first meeting provided members with information relating to upcoming events and their leaders. The FMPA club’s main objective involves helping members learn about any potential medical career in the medical field.

   “Students have a voice and can vote for their leaders,” Bardin said.

   Based on the voting results, Kariman Alsein, Jennifer Phan, Erica Carman, and Jackson Le became FMPA’s president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer respectively. The run-off election takes place next week, so that the co-treasurer candidates, Bailey Fry and Ramy Sheikha, break the tie.

   “The candidacy results assist students who are interested in the medical field and teaches them how to attain their long-term goals,” Posey said.

    Students interested learn how to communicate with Posey and Bardin and sign up via email by giving their name, grade, and potential medical career.

    “FMPA is the only health-related program that provides students with unique opportunities and grants them exposure to the medical field,” Posey said.