Jasmine Hassell


“I’m a boxer at the Niners club in Fayetteville, we have training on weekdays from 5-11. We don’t fight on certain days, they set up a fight at random days and times. For boxing, I wear shorts, a sports bra, and boxing gloves. I started boxing when I was 5, I got into a fight so my mom put me in boxing. I’ve never been knocked out in a fight; although, I did knock myself out. I was laying on my driveway and slammed my head getting away from my sister who I thought was going to hit me. So far I’ve only knocked out three people boxing. We do get paid to box but the profit goes to the next match. I don’t remember my first match, I was way too young but I go into every match thinking’ if I don’t win then I might die’ it’s worked for me so far,” said Hassell.