Post Historically Accurate and Well Produced

Allison Brannan

Award winning movie,The Post, depicts the publishing of the Pentagon Papers in 1971, as well as showing how the Washington Post grew from a small family owned paper. This journalistic film also features underlying women power messages, coordinating with the recent Time’s Up movement of 2018.  

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep reenact the first moment in which the U.S government attempted to shut down not only newspapers but also the First Amendment.

Capturing the inside details of the well known newspaper, The Post depicts the decision making process in which government secrets regarding the Vietnam war became published. Along with being historically accurate, the movie gives light on the importance of our First Amendment rights, as proven in one of the last scenes of the film.

Through Streep’s character, Cathrine Grahm, the movie sneakily adds a feminist message  In countless scenes, Graham portrays the only woman on the board of the Washington Post and also the only female business owner to participate in the stock exchange. It becomes evident that this character inspires females as she walks down the steps of the court house after the supreme court hearing.

The film successfully shows the events leading to the supreme court ruling in favor of the press in a 6-3 vote while also preluding to the Watergate Scandal.

The post becomes unique in that it follows the historic timeline of the events portrayed in the film. The soundtrack adds riveting details to the film’s events as it captures the essence and nature of the depictions.