Junior Explores Space Camp

Allison Brannan

Aspiring astronaut Madison Marsh attended the Huntsville, Alabama NASA summer camp two consecutive years. Camp-goers participated in multiple simulations that correlate with astronaut missions.

“We did daily challenges like building [model] rockets, creating rovers, and making heat protectant shields,” Marsh said.

While the campers participated in daily activities, the week focused on one main mission; Mars. Campers selected positions they completed throughout the week. Marsh selected ‘Lead Botanist’ and ran experiments on the camp’s green house plants.

“The NASA summer camp is my absolute favorite thing to do during the summer.  While I love to travel, the camp allows to me to meet up with friends and allows me to add on to my knowledge of astronomy.” Marsh said.

Marsh shared her love of space with the new Astronomy club. Six years ago the school housed an active astronomy club with sponsor and science teacher, Rick Day. The club disassembled without a sponsor. Marsh reorganized the club with John Lehman due to the interesting topics of space.

“I’m not really sure when my love for space started but everything about it fascinates me and I would love to learn as much about the great unknown that I can.” Marsh said.