Hit Goes Viral Before Release


Dmitri Lloyd, Reporter

   Louisville rapper, Jack Harlow, released his newest song, First Class, in 2022. His TikTok sensational song went viral a day before its official release in 2022. First Class involves a smooth melody while sampling Fergie’s Glamorous hit in 2006 ft Ludacris.

   Harlow’s rhythm, style, and flow builds around a kind heart and a goofball with a tad bit of razzle dazzle. Harlow successfully built around Fergie and Ludacris record breaking hit Glamorous in his own style. As Fergie spelt out Glamorous Harlow put his twist on it as always does and the world loved it “I’ve been a G, throw up the L.”

   OO that’s fire! Harlow built hype around the song with a sample of the song released on TikTok by his crew. Within near seconds of Harlow releasing his sample the community and world exploded with the nostalgic voice of Fergie. Harlow already achieved multiple number one songs, but this one special; he took the route of blowing up, 65.5 million views on TikTok, a route many young artists take to go viral and make millions. So Jack thought, “why not me.”

   Nail Tech, a previous song Harlow released not too long before First Class was dropped, rose quickly to 18 on the Billboards. Nail Tech included Harlow’s lyrical brilliance and sampling brilliance. The new wave of music is turning to making a person’s own style of music over a famous movie quote, song, old television shows, etc… Harlow understood the assignment. It’s catchy, but why, why so catchy? It’s simple, everybody loves it and everybody enjoys the vibes First Class brings. Harlow brings his own energy and passion behind every lyric. Jack Harlow uses simplicity, nostalgia, and that Harlow energy to climb the Billboards.

   The world won’t let this song slide, add it’s already added to the world’s playlist, put on repeat and grooving to. Harlow made a catchy song, built hype around it early, and added his own razzle dazzle to a work of nostalgic art. First Class has been created to never disappoint a single soul in the world, put it on and feel glamorous.