Alternative Band Releases Acoustic Tracks


Fabiola Velez, Reporter

   Mother Mother rises in popularity everyday. Formed in 2005 and continuing to make music, the alternative-rock band continues to gain listeners. The band consists of siblings, Ryan and Molly Guldemond, Jasmin Parkin, Ali Siadat, and Mike Young.

   Recently, Mother Mother released acoustic versions of some of their most popular songs: Hayloft and Hayloft 2. Considering that the band’s typical genre is more rock than anything, acoustics are rare and sound different than their usual music.

   Hayloft debuted in 2008, but grew in popularity on TikTok last year, giving the band new listeners. This success caused the release of an acoustic version of Hayloft 14 years later. However, the new song did not have the same vibe as the original.

   Mother Mother released Hayloft 2 early this year. Like its predecessor, it also grew in popularity and fans took a liking to the song. Hayloft 2 was more rock-sounding and aggressive. The acoustic version sounded strange in comparison.

   Mother Mother has few acoustic songs. The new Hayloft songs are mixed with rock and the vocals are soft, but aggressive sounding for acoustic music. Old fans would find it odd to listen to this new music due to how different it sounds.

   Despite acoustic music being odd for Mother Mother, the band shows a willingness to grow and stray away from their normal. This tells fans that Mother Mother is willing to adapt and come out with new things.

   While the Hayloft and Hayloft 2 acoustic versions consist of only a little bit of the Mother Mother flare, fans should continue to stream and support the band’s music when they experiment with new genres and sounds.