October Comic Spot

After a long week of test anxiety, it was finally Friday, which meant a day off from school and one long relaxing weekend.

As soon as I woke up, a text in my group chat popped up on my screen from Melody.

“Meet me in the park at ten, and don’t be late.” She always had something up her sleeves.

I quickly got dressed and grabbed my keys. With a quick goodbye to my family, I put the keys in my car’s ignition and went on my way. 

“Alright, Melody, we’re all here, what do you have planned?” Chase asked as I joined them. The park was fairly calm, only a few other people scattered around the area.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fun.”

“Every time you say that you either get us in trouble or close to getting in trouble.” I crossed my arms.

“Not every time,” she argued.

“What about the time you had us put sticky notes all over your ex’s car and swore he wouldn’t find out it was us?” Chase argued.

“Or the time you tricked us into helping you pull a prank on the meanest teacher in Junior High and we all got detention.” I added.

“Or the time we-”

“Let’s not talk about my poor planning. I swear today’s idea won’t get us in trouble.” Chase and I exchanged a glance.

“If I break my promise then you two can have all of my Halloween candy, fair?” 

“Fine, what’s your plan?” Chase asked.

“We’re going to have a race from one end of the equipment to the other. First person to reach the other side wins.” She didn’t even give us time to get ready before shouting GO!

“Cheater!” I called out, pushing against Chase to climb the ladder.

I hopped down off the ladder realizing how much slower it would be and for an alternative route. Only a few steps away stood some sort of corkscrew bar I could climb up. When I reached the top, all I could see was a whirl of color, Melody wasn’t too far in front. Our shoes made loud stomps across the metal floor, Chase’s footsteps right behind me. The three of us beelined for the three slides at the end of our obstacle course. Reaching the slides at the same time Chase ran down one and jumped off, beating me and Melody by only a few seconds.

“Hey! You cheated!” Melody whined.

“So did you!” Chase grinned, celebrating his win. I should’ve known that today would be anything but relaxing.


The end of October was fast approaching. My sister, Olivia, and I rushed around town searching for candy and last minute costumes. Walmart was packed with people just like us prepping at the last minute. We grabbed two bags of variety candy before booking it back home to clean the house. My room was trashed, and the bathroom counter was covered with my sister’s makeup. Once home I tossed the bags of candy on the counter.

“Taylor! Put that candy in a bowl!” My mom scolded as I was halfway to my room. With a groan I pulled out our Halloween bowl and emptied the multicolored candies into it. I had to refrain from grabbing a piece myself. 

I went into my room and shut the door, then went to work picking up my room. Water bottles, soda cans, and various wrappers littered the floor, while my dirty clothes looked like they were leading a revolution against my hamper. I got to work throwing away trash and putting on load after load of laundry. It took most of the morning, but before too long my room, and the whole house, looked like something out of an HGTV magazine. 

It was almost 5:30 when we finished cleaning, my dad and I set up a table by the front door for the bowl of candy, everyone would be here soon. Right on time, people started pouring in: grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, Olivia’s boyfriend, even Melody and Chase soon showed up. The house was filled with chatter within a few minutes. 

“What are you supposed to be?” Melody asked Chase.

“Myself,” He answered, motioning to his everyday attire.

“What are you dressed up at, Melody?” I asked. The bright eye shadow and lipstick was different from her usual makeup.

“I’m a rockstar!” She exclaimed with a laugh, “Really I just threw together an outfit at the last minute. This month went by fast.”

“It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will be November,” I took a sip of Pepsi.

The doorbell rang, startling us all. 

“I’ll get it!” I shouted, rushing to the door, but my sister already had it open. Instead, I grabbed the bowl of candy, my sock feet sliding against the hardwood floor. Olivia cooed at the costumes of the little kids at our door, as I grabbed a handful of treats and placed it in each of their bags.

“Happy Halloween!” My sister and I exclaimed at the same time. This Halloween was certainly better than last year’s.