Outstanding Feature Film Earns 11 Oscar Nominations


Adelaide Browning, Reporter

   Best picture nominee Everything Everywhere All at Once is making its return to theaters as part of the annual Oscar nominee reruns. The film, originally released in March of 2022, is in the running for eleven different trophies at Hollywood’s biggest award show this year. Garnering $107.2 million USD during its original run in cinemas compared to its production budget of $25 million, the movie is considered a great success and is now film studio A24’s highest-grossing picture of all time. 

   The film follows main character Evelyn Wang, portrayed by Best Actress nominee Michelle Yeoh, who is a Chinese-American immigrant facing the problems of everyday life. Her marriage and relationship with her daughter are both on the rocks, and the laundromat she and her husband immigrated to the US to open is being audited. As her mind is clouded with stress, Evelyn encounters a version of her husband from a different universe, in which the people have learned to “verse jump” and harness the abilities of their other-universe counterparts.

   Evelyn is burdened with the task of saving the collective universe from the great evil that her husband Waymond, played by best supporting actor nominee Ke Huy Quan, warns her about. Viewers are able to watch as the leading lady taps into other universes and sees what her life could have been if she had made different choices.

   Everything bagels, rocks, and a parody of Pixar’s famous movie Ratatouille are all used within this film to get the main message across: family is still family, no matter what. Although Evelyn is given the chance to see all the other lives that she could’ve possibly lived, all she wants to do is stay in her original universe and fix the things that she broke. The ending credits are rounded out with an original, now oscar-nominated, song by Mitski, David Byrne, and Son Lux.

   The movie has gained copious amounts of attention across multiple social media platforms since its original release. Many have found the story relatable or just generally endearing. Ke Huy Quan in particular, after making a comeback to acting, is frequently acknowledged for his most famous and meaningful line in the film: “In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you.” 

   Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, credited as simply “Daniels,” wrote and directed the picture and have received nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director. As well as portraying the story of an immigrant family, the movie has made major moves for diversity in terms of award nominations. Both Jamie Lee Curtis and Stephanie Hsu, who both play LGBTQ+ characters, have received nominations for Best Supporting Actress. 

   Overall, this film is most certainly worth watching, especially while it’s back on the big screen for a limited time. It has everything that a movie needs to be good and captivating. There’s action, frequent references to other movies, comedy, amazing acting, and outstanding special effects. However, most importantly, this film features a meaningful storyline that many people across multiple generations and backgrounds can find themselves relating to. Everything Everywhere All at Once has made waves in Hollywood, and will most likely go down in history as a classic.