K-Pop Boy Group Comes Back With Eighth Mini Album

K-Pop Boy Group Comes Back With Eighth Mini Album

Adelaide Browning, Assistant Newspaper Editor

   K-pop boy band Tomorrow by Together, stylized as TXT, has come back with another mini album, and it just might be their best one yet. The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION features a style of music that isn’t quite fully rock but also definitely is not the bubblegum pop they have produced in their past releases. This new album features the never-disappointing vocals of the group, provides a perfect transition for the group’s aesthetic, and showcases how much the overall style of the group has developed since their debut in 2019.

   Unlike other K-pop groups, TXT does not classify their five members into designated positions such as lead rapper, main vocalist, or lead dancer. Instead, they all do a little bit of everything. Each member has amazing vocals, and the new album presents the perfect opportunity to show them off. Slower, more toned-down sounding tracks like “Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)” and “Farewell, Neverland” allow the members to belt long, melodious notes that blend perfectly with the melancholy music of the song.

   Louder, harder songs like “Devil by the Window” and title track “Sugar Rush Ride” provide evidence of the range of the group. The flow of the album stays consistent as it goes from a slower song, to a faster one, and back to a remorseful track. Though the album is clearly formulated, it still keeps listeners on their toes. No two tracks are the same, and each of the five different tracks gives a particular member of the group the chance to shine and showcase his full abilities.

   In 2019, TXT debuted with their first single, “CROWN.” The song features bouncy music and vocals that go with the pop style. Their first full album, The Dream Chapter: Magic, came out later in the year, staying consistent with their debut pop style. The group’s next album, The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE, came out in 2021 and shocked fans by straying from the pop music they were known for releasing and instead containing grunge-like songs. Their most recent album preceding this one, Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child developed the sound and style of the group even more with its rough-sounding, lower-registered vocals, and guitar riffs. TXT is keeping up their newfound grunge style with The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION. However, the pop influences they began with can still be heard in nearly every song that they release.

   The sound of their music is not the only thing that has continuously developed since the group’s debut. With each album or single they release, TXT changes their aesthetic with new styles of clothes and hair colors. At the time of their debut and the release of “CROWN,” the members wore typical clothes and kept their hair its natural colors. However, when “Blue Hour,” an upbeat love song with a music video set in a carnival, came out, they began to wear brighter colors, and members Yeonjun, Soobin, and Taehyun dyed their hair to match the new aesthetic. With the release of The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, the members wear light and airy clothes in order to match the mystical aesthetic of the album, and they are now sporting light hair colors, such as blonde and pink.

   The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION is continuously breaking the group’s personal records and has earned them their first spot at #1 on Billboard’s Artist 100 chart. It seems as though they keep getting better with each album release, and their fanbase continues to grow as they release new music that differs both from their own style and the typical sound of K-Pop. This new album is most certainly worth a listen.