7 Brew Coffee Opens Fort Smith Location


Ella McEntire, Co-Newspaper Editor

   7 Brew Coffee opened a location in Fort Smith, Arkansas in September, and it easily became the go-to destination for an easy caffeine fix. The 7 brew stand functions through a unique drive-thru setup, which allows cars to circle the stand for a fast and efficient transaction. Workers move quickly to collect orders, produce beverages, and deliver customers their coffee with ease. The shop is sure to put buyers in a good mood, with upbeat music loudly playing from inside the stand and cheery workers brightening up their workspace with impressive service.

   The new coffee shop provides a large variety of options that covers the cravings of every customer. 7 Brew offers their signature 7 Originals and their Classic coffee options that always deliver. Coffee lovers can also find endless possibilities of drinks with different flavor options that experiment with levels of sweetness and espresso, such as Cookies and Creme, Hazelnut, and Irish Creme. However, if customers are looking for beverages that do not contain coffee, 7 brew provides a plethora of choices, such as energy drinks, teas, smoothies, and shakes. 

   The new location created a bright spot in Fort Smith and quickly grew and maintained attraction from residents of the town. Whether buyers stop by to pick up coffee on the way to work or need a caffeine pick-me-up after a long day at school, 7 brew delivers their beverages with ease and speed. As its popularity continues to build, 7 Brew is sure to continue the excellent levels of service, quality, and energy to its loyal customers.