Review Over Fiction Book Series

Review Over Fiction Book Series

Kale Cantu, Reporter

   The WARRIORS book series by Erin Hunter in general is an amazing, thrilling, and addicting series! The books always consist of amazing hooks, which is why I couldn’t stop reading them. The story is a novel about factions of cats who are separated into four different groups who battle each other for the never-ending struggle: territory.

   Although fiction, the book series still teaches you the importance of group work and religion. The clans are separated into four different alliances: StormClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan. These different clans have different benefits for their clan and territory.

   For example, RiverClan is the only clan that can hunt in the river and are the only cats that can swim in the water. WindClan has an open abandoned zone, but this is beneficial to the cats of WindClan. The benefit of their clan is that they are the fastest and most agile of all other cats, therefore can catch their prey the most easily. ShadowClan lives in a forest, which is eternally shaded and extremely dark. They are the stealthiest of the bunch, having always been born jet black to blend in with the shadows and ambush their enemies in the cover of darkness. ThunderClan, which is where the main characters are, are all about crushing their enemies in pure warrior combat. They are the brutes of all the clans and would’ve been crushed if not for their strong, and intelligent military leader.

   WARRIORS provides an intriguing storyline with unique characters with differing personalities. The hooks combined with cliffhangers at the end of every book leave you yearning for just one more! They describe everything in such detail that has never been shown in another book I have read. The setting and character description made me feel like I was right there with everyone! There are a total of six books, but there are also other books dedicated to the sole purpose of describing a certain character in the main series. There are a plethora of different interactions between all of the characters, featuring one big problem in the series backed up by small personal problems that the characters must solve. By far the most lovable book series I have ever read!