K-Pop Boy Group Member Releases First Solo

Jennie Doan, Reporter

   Mainstream Korean pop boy group member of NCT, Mark Lee, released his first single under SM Station on Feb. 4. His single, “Child,” poses an engaging song to play in a late night car ride, an all nighter, study sessions, etc.

   Multi-talented Mark Lee, known as a Korean-Canadian singer, rapper, and dancer, debuted underneath the SM entertainment label of a 23 member boy group of NCT in 2016. He actively participates in 3 subunits of NCT. SM Station, a digital music project, allows its Korean pop idols to express their creativity through solo or collaborative works. 

   “Child,” embodies an overall sense of melancholy and drear. Mark approaches the listeners with lyricism interpreted in many different ways. In the English translation, he sings, “I’m a child. I can’t be the person you want,” in the beginning of the chorus. One approach to such lyricism; the impending fear and uncertainty of transition to adulthood many teenagers fear nowadays. The impact of the pandemic affected their experiences with a sense of limited time before aging to adulthood. 

  The recurring symbolism of the single’s music video offers a spectacle to speculate. There are many instances of darkness, broken glass, falling feathers, and running. It ties in with the gloomy ambience of the single Mark aimed for. The cinematography and editing compliments the ambience, too. 

   The music is interchangeable in a sickly captivating way. “Child,” presents the gentleness of an acoustic guitar and synthesizing beat drops. It lulls the listeners into a sense of repose. The music does an amazing job of being an engaging song without the usage of cheery, exaggerated sounds. 

    Mark Lee channeled his amazing artisticness into his song, “Child.” Listening to it will only be worthwhile, a strong contender to your personal music playlist.