Pop Artist Finishes Tour in Little Rock


Ella McEntire, Reporter

   Pop-rock artist Harry Styles finished the “Love On Tour” with the next to last show in Little Rock. The date added after the list of shows originally released on July 14. The concert was in Simmons Bank Arena on Nov. 24. The concerts originally contained dates in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tour rolled over to 2021. The set list included 14 songs and four encore performances. The crowd held 17,000 fans and tickets sold out within the first day of sales. The show made for a lively, entertaining, and an amazing experience for everyone watching in the arena. The performance is memorable because of the enthusiastic energy Styles brought to each song and interlude.

   Each track Styles performed consisted of impressive vocals and unbelievable backing music by his band. The band consisted of six members that were each extremely talented and interactive with the crowd. The ability to play more intimate songs, such as “Cherry,” and songs that hyped up the crowd, such as “Treat People With Kindness.” Their presence kept the audience engaged with each performance. 

  The song that closed out the show is an unreleased track titled “Medicine.” The crowd persuaded Styles to perform the song. Throughout the show, the audience would collectively chant, “Medicine” in an attempt to hear the song. At the end of the concert, Styles gave into the crowd’s wishes and the fans became ecstatic. This moment shows how much the audience engaged in the show and how Styles and his band interacted with them. For example, Styles joked with the crowd about a sign made by a fan in the pit. The sign read, “I used my Grandma’s will money on this,” and the singer humored himself and the audience with the conversation between him and his fan. These interactions made the concert worthwhile and enjoyable.

  In addition to all of these, Styles provided beautiful vocals and both emotional and energetic performances to entertain the audience. At the beginning of the show, Styles said to the crowd, “For the next 90 minutes, our job is to entertain each and every single one of you. I promise we are going to do our absolute, very best. For the next 90 minutes, you also have one job, and that is to have as much fun as you possibly can. If you want to sing, if you want to dance, feel free to do whatever it is you want to do in this room tonight.” This statement allowed the room to radiate energy that would originally never be imagined. Each audience member could be themselves while having an abundance of fun. The songs played further moved the crowd to wear their emotions on their sleeves, from the sad love songs to the songs full of energy. For example, the track “She” included a stellar guitar solo performed by talented guitarist Mitch Rowland.

  Some may argue that Styles put more focus into the conversations with fans, rather than the performance of his music. Styles took the time to have conversations with the audience throughout the concert, so not all of the songs across his two albums were performed. Many fans felt disappointed to not hear some of their favorite songs, such as “To Be So Lonely” or all of “Two Ghosts.” However, the artist maintained a balance of music and crowd interaction that kept the audience engaged and allowed them to see the charisma the singer possesses. 

  Overall, the “Love On Tour” concert met the expectations of fans that anticipated the show since last year. The show was an unforgettable experience for the audience, and provided many engaging moments that made each performance memorable. The liveliness of the artist and the room motivated the crowd to match the level of energy provided. Each song allowed for an emotional connection to be made with each fan and their love of the music. Styles delivered an unforgettable experience that will stay with followers of the artist for the rest of their lives.