Mav Bash Adds to Graduation Festivities

Kale Cantu, Reporter

     On May 18, Southside students partook in a fun event, “Mav Bash,” to leave the graduating students on a high note before they leave. Southside’s Mav Bash event is an after-graduation celebration that introduces many opportunities for seniors to have their last bit of fun at Southside. 

     The senior’s accomplishments are celebrated in this entertaining event. Southside Principal Jeff Prewitt speaks to the graduating seniors of 2023 at the Thursday night ceremony. The graduation was held at Jim Rowland Stadium in Fort Smith. Senior caps flew into the air at the end of the ceremony, symbolizing accomplishment and celebration. Fireworks lit the sky and the graduates watched in amazement as the fireworks exploded. The maverick band played music, and band director Ralph Brody directed the band members to play “Pomp and Circumstance,” one of the most famous graduation songs sung worldwide before, and even after graduation. This was shortly followed by the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem, along with FSPS members Dalton Person, Phil Whiteaker, Dee Blackwell, Superintendent Dr. Terry Morawski, and Principal Jeff Prewitt. FSPS Board of Education members gathered for this momentous occasion with Superintendent Dr. Terry Morawski and Principal Jeff Prewitt. The stands were lined with friends and family members, awaiting the announcement of the graduation ceremony. 

     After the graduation ceremony, the Mav Bash happened, which opened up fun games, delicious food, and solemn goodbyes to Southside, as the new graduates prepared for the arduous path to come.