Students Spend “A Night in Paris” at Senior Prom

Ella McEntire, Co-Newspaper Editor

     Southside seniors spent “A Night in Paris” on May 13 at their senior prom at The Bakery District. Senior council members and sponsor Ms. Kim Langwell all worked together to help orchestrate this event, providing food and drinks, games, music, and Parisian-themed decorations for their peers to enjoy.

     “Prom preparations started last summer with securing a venue and the DJ for the event,” Ms. Langwell said. “Students worked on decorations for many hours a week, as well as steaming over 30 linens! Many hours are spent shopping for items needed and the day before prom is spent delivering all of the supplies to the venue. On the day of prom, a large number of volunteers – including parents, teachers, and students – begin bright and early to decorate and set up the venue.”

     While many students work through the month of prom to plan their outfits and agenda for the night, junior Josephine Clamser began the preparation process early when a special opportunity came to her during the summer of last year.

     “This summer, I was thrifting with my friend at the store Wasted in downtown Fort Smith, and I came across what looked like a sparkly prom dress, so I tried it on and it fit perfectly! It was only $50, and my mom loved it so she said if I could find a way to go to prom this year she would buy it for me, so it was perfect,” Clamser said.

     The night of the occasion, students take time to get dressed up, typically in groups consisting of their friends or dates. However, the Southside theatre teachers made this process especially unique by allowing attendees to get ready with their friends that make up the theatre department.

     “Every year, Mr. and Mrs. Pumphrey set up the dressing rooms in the theatre department for us to use to get ready if we ask them. They provide lunch and drinks and help us do our hair, and it’s just a really fun experience and let’s all of us get ready together while listening to music and just vibing,” Clamser said. 

     During the event, all of the festivities and elements provided by the senior council made for a fun and memorable night for the students who attended. 

    “I ended up having a really great time just being on the dance floor and having fun with my friends,” senior Adelaide Browning said.