Annual Spring Fling Ends School Day


Mrs. Allison Strasser

Members of the Southern Belles working their Duck Pond booth at the Spring Fling.

Ella McEntire, Co-Newspaper Editor

     On May 16, Southside held its annual Spring Fling celebration to finish the school day, allowing students with passing grades and no office referrals during the month of May to attend. The concession stand provided free food and drinks for students. In addition to this, many school clubs and community organizations gathered to provide booths holding fun games and activities for students to participate in. 

     “I was working with Grand Avenue Baptist Church at Spring Fling and our game was ‘9 square.’ My favorite part was seeing students come together that don’t usually hang out during school come together and play games,” sophomore volunteer Kabry Sheets said.

     Due to the help of student volunteers and staff, the event ran smoothly for students to move through each game or activity. Another set of activities included the football and volleyball games, which allowed students to sign up before the event and play a quick match with their friends.

     “It felt good! Our team worked together very well, so it was great when we got the last point,” junior Emry Woolard said about winning the volleyball game.

     Overall, Spring Fling allowed students to take a break from the stresses of the classroom to spend quality time with their peers, while also making memories in the final weeks of the school year.