AP Exam Prep Places Pressure on Students


Kale Cantu, Reporter

     Students are concerned campus-wide about their results on the A.P. exams and are worried about their future.

     Every year, students across the country enroll in Advanced Placement classes in the hopes that they will ace their A.P. exams in May and earn college credits. Stress immediately takes place with teachers prepare students for the difficulty of the A.P. exams. Test preparation is a difficult time for most students. Some will not be able to focus on studying, some may have anxiety issues, and some may just not study at all. For these reasons, teachers stress the exams and only make focusing more difficult for students.

     “The exams are terrifying, but with enough preparation, I should be able to pass them. It’s just gonna be stressful knowing that the exams are right around the corner,” junior AP Biology student Gage Emery said. 

     Taking A.P. classes means taking an extremely hard exam at the end of the year that will test everything you have learned in the year. These advanced courses are difficult, stressful, and can sometimes be demoralizing. Advanced Placement, if completed, can almost guarantee entry and success into college. Students think about this and stress over the study time they are given.

     Completing an Advanced Placement course and exam means that you’ll have completed college-level courses and classwork. No matter the work, A.P. will sharpen your skills early and can help in the process of transitioning to college.