New Mexican Restaurant Comes to Fort Smith


Teya Haney, Reporter

El Mariachi is a recent addition to the Fort Smith area. It is a Mexican restaurant, created by former workers from La Huerta. While small in size, the atmosphere is welcoming and alive at all times. The waiters and owners are all kind and welcoming and are always having fun. There is a lightheartedness in the air, and there is always singing and laughing coming from the kitchen.

The wait staff is efficient and kind, they check consistently to make sure all of the food and drink is of good quality. If something comes out wrong, they immediately go to fix it and sincerely apologize. There is always an owner working, and they make rounds around the restaurant. They are very understanding and treat every customer like an old friend.

The food quality is as good as the service. With every dish, each aspect is presented in an elegant and organized way. There is nothing rushed or sloppily done, care is taken with every meal. There are even options for vegetarians or pescatarians. From the sauces to the sides, everything is made to the finest quality and tastes wonderful.

One negative, however, is the somewhat frequent mix-up of orders. While friendly and accepting of a mistake, simple words are mixed up frequently, creating a completely different dish. This makes enjoying your meal rather frustrating, especially if there is more than one mistake. It can also be difficult to communicate that mistake with some of the staff which can lead to more confusion.

Overall, El Mariachi is a welcoming place with delicious food and a constantly energetic atmosphere. While there are some mix-ups, they are kind and apologetic and take responsibility for their mistakes. They treat everyone with friendliness, and always keep a fun atmosphere. This is one restaurant that is a must-visit in Fort Smith.