Alumnus Returns As Soccer Coach

Previously working as an academy soccer coach in New Jersey, Mahmoud Ihmeidan joined the staff as the new soccer coach. He chose to coach at Southside because he is an alumni. Ihmeidan grew up playing all different types of sports in the Middle East, where he lived for nine years. Soccer being the main sport played, he fell in love with it at an early age.

   “My path has always been pertaining to soccer, either as a player or as a coach,” Ihmeidan said. 

Still in his early career as a soccer coach, he accomplished passing the National “C” license course in New York. The National “C” License course is designed to teach concepts that are targeted towards coaching players at the ages of 15-18.

  A highlight of his years as a soccer player for Southside was making it to the state final game his senior year. Satisfied with his decision to coach at Southside, Ihmeidan is excited to get back to work with the team.

“My expectations are for all my players to learn something new about the game and work as hard as they can every time they are on the field. I also expect all my players to do well in the classroom and further their education after graduating,” he said. 

Looking forward to the upcoming season in the spring, Ihmeidan aims to help students on and off the field. 

“It feels good to be back at Southside. A lot has changed since I graduated, but I’m happy to be back,” Ihmeidan said.