Senior Signing


Gabby Woodie

Senior Ty Wiley signs to continue his baseball career at Carl Albert State College.

   Signing to colleges on Nov. 10, senior athletes Braxton Waller, Bailey Mattingly, Ty Wiley, Toree Tiffee, and Olivia Melton finalized their decisions during the ceremony in the arena. 

   “I signed to Indian River University. There were a lot of my friends and everyone else’s friends. It was just a time for everyone to come together and celebrate,” Melton said.

   Principal Jeff Prewitt, volleyball coach Natalie Throneberry, and baseball coach Dale Harpenau spoke for each of the athletes before they signed.

      “A lot of people think that it’s just like, ‘oh, you know, they’re just going to play in college,’ but it’s a lot bigger deal than people think because all the training you have to do and all the work gets put into practice,” Melton said.

   Friends and family of the signees watched from the stands and celebrated with cookies and cupcakes at the end. 

   “I felt really old, but it was really fun doing it with the group that I did it with just because I’ve known them since I was really young. It was fun to see all those people come out and just like support us,” Tiffee said. Tiffee signed to California Baptist University. 

   Coaches reflected on the athletic ability and leadership of the signees.

   “I know it was weird for T-Berry that I was growing up and it was just really special just to have her there and talk, so it was just really special,” Tiffee said.