Test Set For Next Week


Seniors Leen Samman, Emma Paulus, and Jedidiah Lightner received recognition as National Merit Semi-finalists from principal Jeff Prewitt.

Dmitri Lloyd, Reporter

All sophomores and select juniors take the PSAT on Oct. 13. Juniors compete with scores to qualify for National Merit recognition and scholarships.

“The PSAT is required for 10th graders, optional for 11th graders who want to qualify for National Merit scholarships. Also prepares them for the SAT and scores determine who becomes a National Merit Finalist. Kids will know through Schoology announcements and in junior English classes,” English teacher Courtney Beland said

National Merit contenders must achieve a top 1% score in Arkansas, send a strong application, and score a 1400 or better on the SAT to become a National Merit Finalist. For Arkansas the index score last year was 214.

Semi-finalists Jeddidiah Lightner, Emma Paulus, and Leen Samman earn recognition in 2021 and now wait for announcement on finalist status.

The PSAT includes 139 questions and covers reading, writing, and math with 160-760 possible points.